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How does Lipo Light can jump start my weight loss;

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“I have used many laser based body shaping systems and am amazed at how simple Lipo-Light was to use. More importantly, it delivers the same amazing results as competitive products costing over 3 times the price. My clients are really happy.”
Lowri, The Beauty Practitioner

“Being a full-time model, I have to keep in shape and watch what I eat, so diet and exercise are an important part of my daily routine. Even so, I have stubborn areas which no matter how intensive my routine is I would like to firm up. Lipo-Light now does that for me. Before a shoot, just a couple of treatments has my body looking great for the camera.”
Jane, The Model

“Like many women I suffer from a slow metabolism. Whilst I exercise on a regular basis and follow a healthy diet, it’s sometimes frustrating that my efforts are slowly rewarded. Lipo-Light has helped to reduce my fluid retention and that’s the holy grail for all women – how to lose inches from hips, waist and tummy, when trying to get into that little black dress.”
Nicola, The Mom

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Heard The Latest?

The Latest Non-Invasive Aesthetic Breakthroughs – Dima Ali, M.D. Your Health Magazine

WellMedica is privileged to be the first aesthetic practice to exclusively introduce two new technologies to the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area. The LIPOLIGHT is the very first LED non-invasive body contouring system.

It consists of pads that are placed directly on the skin for 20 minutes that emit a specific wavelength of light (635nm) that causes fat cells to essentially “collapse.” The VENUS FREEZE is the first multipolar radiofrequency and magnetic pulsing device to stimulate the production of collagen by simultaneous thermal and non-thermal mechanisms.

Light therapy is not new. It’s been used for many ailments ranging from chronic pain to wound healing to hair growth. What is new is light being used to target fat cells. After adipose cells were exposed to a specific wavelength, 99% of the fat was released from the cells through a “pore” in the cell membrane. The result? Simply put: inch loss. Impressive spot reduction anywhere on the body including the arms, back, bra bulge, saddlebags, thighs, abdomen, even the breasts – anywhere there is excessive, unwanted fat deposits.

Lipo-Light can deliver effective results in just one treatment

When energy is required by the body, the brain sends signals to the adipose cells to break down the stored fat, a process called lypolysis. During this process, free fatty acids are released into the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body.

The heat and light emitted from the pads of the Lipo-Light stimulates the release of energy causing a physiological change in the body.

The combined therapy of heat, light and exercise completes the process of burning this released energy resulting in immediate and visible slimming and toning – but only in the areas you want.

Lipo-Light can deliver effective results in just one treatment. However, sustained results take place when continued LED Light Therapy is used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime.


“I am a personal trainer and eat mostly healthy foods, but I still have persistent fat around my belly and back. It’s gross! But I don’t want to suffer through surgery!”

Dr. O’Mead hears this complaint so often he dedicated hard-core research hours in order to find the best product on the market. He finally found it and recently invested in what he knows is the most efficient and effective body-sculpting technology for those of us who can’t get rid of stubborn fat! (Thank you,Dr. O’Mead!)

Ready to be a pioneer?!
Come in and be one of the first in Anchorage to take your body from “nice” to “insane” or from “fit” to “ripped!” The Europeans know all about incredible physiques, and those physiques don’t often come from exercise alone. One proven method to decreased body fat is LipoLight.LipoLight has been used successfully for years overseas, and now that Dr. O’Mead has it, we can sculpt our bodies without surgical intervention here in good our office! Add LipoLight to your healthy regimen and you will see instantaneous results!

LipoLight uses LED pads, placed strategically in fatty areas of the body, to break down fat cells and to stimulate the natural drainage of the lymphatic system. With exercise, the fat cells are literally flushed away and processed by the body’s lymphatic system. The results are fast and significant – up to an inch of fat loss on certain areas of the body!

Want to lose belly fat? Excess fat in your arms and thighs? Get rid of that gross roll on your upper back?
LipoLight can help you eliminate the most tenacious fatty areas permanently! The light directed into the fat cells actually changes the permeability of the cell and triggers the release of lipase (a natural enzyme produced in the body); the fat cells are reduced in size and pass through the pores and into the blood stream in as little as 20 minutes! That means within 30 minutes, you can see tangible results!

To receive maximum benefit from your treatment, Dr. O’Mead recommends approximately 10-12 sessions over 4-6 weeks, including regular exercise and your normal healthy diet. During the process of LipoLight, the body releases fatty acids which are used by the body as energy during exercise, so it’s very important that you exercise regularly while receiving treatment!. When integrated into your weekly exercise and nutritional program, LipoLight will dramatically increase your body-sculpting results. Almost immediately, you will turn heads, hear catcalls, and find yourself answering that incredible question: “What’d you do to look so amazing???!”

Who is suitable for Lipo-Light treatment?
Lipo-Light is suitable for most people over the age of 18 years but, as with many treatments, there are some contraindications. Anyone suffering from the following would not be suitable for this treatment:

  • Persons under 18 years old
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Kidney/liver disease
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease/Heart Pacemaker
  • Medical oedema
  • Auto Immune disease
  • Metal pins or plates
  • Thyroid problems
  • Urine infection

What do I need to do before and after my treatment?
Do not drink tea, coffee or alcohol before or after treatment and drink plenty of water after treatment. Do not eat for at least 2 hours before or after treatment.In order for the released fat to be burned off and not re-stored in the body, it is essential that clients are able to exercise for 30 minutes following each treatment.

How long do treatments last?
Treatments take 30-45 minutes. However, the first appointment will be longer to allow for completion of medical forms and measuring.

How many treatments will I need?
Results can usually be seen after one treatment. However, for maximum results, a course of 10-12 treatments is recommended. These are usually taken twice or three times per week over a 4-6 week period.

I have several areas from which I wish to remove fat – can I do them all at once?
No. With Lipo-Light you want to target specific areas,such as belly fat, for your sessions. You will have more effective results this way as we can target the proper lymphatic elimination areas and produce better fat loss results. Once you complete an area, you may do additional courses to reduce excess fat in other areas. You just need to leave a 2 week interval between courses of treatment to allow the body to return to its normal mode of action.

Will it work on me?
Only 3% of people treated have shown minimal results – you can expect to lose 3-7 inches over the 10-12 treatments programme.

Are there any risks involved and does it hurt?
There are no risks and it does not hurt.

Is it effective after having a child?
Lipo-Light is very effective on new moms who are not breastfeeding.

What are the advantages over laser?
It is a safe and effective treatment. There is no danger to the eyes or other organs thus no need to wear glasses when around it. Laser system is more of direct beam. The 16 LED beam pads refract therefore cover a greater area. Results are greatly improved . We have brought you the latest off the line 16 pad Lipo Light to accelerate your results with effectiveness not wittnessed before.

Is maintenance required?
This is optional dependant on your size and the results achieved. The results are permanent but many clients like to have top-up sessions every month or so.

How long before I see results? The inch loss can be seen immediately but further inch loss can occur during the day.

What does it feel like?
The LED pads get warm during the treatment. Most clients find it a very relaxing and soothing experience.